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100% CLEAN & PURE Active ingredients is yours at Bulk Supplements. NO Additives of any kind! What you order is what you get ~ 100% PURE PERFORMANCE

Whey Protein is a staple supplement in any diet. Whey is an easy way to provide your body with more protein that can assist your body with increasing lean muscle mass (provided you workout!)


Pure Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein concentrate is a protein powder that is created from Cows Milk. Some people believe that since Whey Protein concentrate contains less protein gram for gram than Whey protein isolate, it is inferior. This is however not true as whey protein isolate is more processed. During the process of making protein isolate, a lot of the nutritional value from amino acids and other compounds are lost. As a result a high quality whey protein concentrate may be more beneficial for use than whey protein isolate.


Our Whey Protein contains absolutely no artificial sweeteners, flavourants or colourants. It contains only raw whey protein concentrate, amazing for Smoothies!


Produced by Leprino Foods, known for exceptional product composition and performance that are produced with exemplary safety standards. Their products do precisely what they are supposed to do – if its worth doing, its worth doing right.



Serving Size: 30g
Protein Per Serving: 24g
Servings Per Container: 65 (2Kg) / 130 (4Kg)

No added Sugars or Sweeteners. No Flavourants. No Colourants.


Add 2 scoops (30g) to water or milk in a protein shaker or in a blender (if you are making a smoothie). Mix and consume 30 – 45 minutes before and/or after your workout to receive the best benefits.

Alternatively, you can consume they whey protein as a snack in between meals during the day to try and boost your daily protein intake.

We suggest using this whey in a smoothie or perhaps in milk as it has a bland taste with just water.

Alternatively, you can use our 100% Naturally flavoured Whey Protein!

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Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 2x2Kg + FREE 1Kg Chocolate Whey!

Bulk Supplements Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 2x2Kg + FREE 1Kg Chocolate Whey! QR Code
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