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General Supplement Analysis


Supplements 101 Tired of paying through your teeth for expensive supplements with fancy labels? Here is a breakdown of a product that shows just how many fillers and unnecessary ingredients are actually present! You can achieve virtually the same results of many expensive brand name products and premix blends at much lower cost if you’re willing to do spend a little bit of time on it. All you have to do is to Email ( or LiveChat us the name of the product and we will send you a list of the core ingredients - or read the label and...

New Packaging!


We have finally done it! Managed to lay our hands on some beautiful packaging for the customers! All products now also include scoops to make life easier for you when it comes to measuring out the dosages!

Brand Supplements Analysis


The information from this post is taken from the link below: Brand name supplements analysed: When buying a branded product at a premium price you are entitled to expect the quantities of the ingredients to be as specified on the labels, as well as for the quantities to be adequate to deliver the desired effect. Unfortunately, this is very often not the case. This is also not the only issue you may encounter with expensive branded products. Below are some extracts from laboratory analysis done by on 47 different pre-workout products. You can come to your own conclusions....

Different Forms of Creatine


As someone who is new to the world of supplements (or even some people that have been in the industry for years) it gets very confusing when there are so many different variations of the same product.Creatine seems to be the biggest criminal in this aspect as there are so many different forms are available that you never know which one to take. Each variant has a different claim to fame and you can never be sure whether it actually works or not.Different forms: Creatine Monohydrate This is the oldest form of creatine and has been around for ages! This is still the most cost-effective...

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